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Partial Truce Didn’t Last, but Exhortations Did

By Farhad Naibkhel

KABUL: In a litany of Taliban’s refusal to sustain a temporary truce and amid resumption and intensification of hostilities, activists are now urging the insurgents to cease their campaign of terror and recommence a period of reduced violence until intra-Afghan talks begin.

Former Secretariat Chief of the High Peace Council (HPC) Akram Ekhpelwak in an Ulema gathering asked the Taliban for continuation of violence reduction as part of trust building.

The gathering titled “National Conference on Necessity of Moderation in Afghanistan” organized by the Alhuda Etidal Center (AEC), in which Ulema from capital and provinces were attended, and have supported the call for continuation of reduction in violence.

Speaking at the gathering Ekhpelwak said “We all were happy and had a great days during reduction in violence last week, but unfortunately after signing peace agreement between United States of America (USA) and the Taliban, some propaganda were spread in the side of government as well as in the side of Taliban – which is in contrary to the nation’s desire, who want peace.”

He said that the masses were very happy during these days, but the violence yet again started. “We call on Taliban to reduce violence and respect the nation’s will for peace.”

Calling on President Ashraf Ghani to grip peace opportunity, he said “there are some internal and external individuals, clusters and organizations inside and outside the government also inside and outside the Taliban wings that are sabotaging the peace process.” 

He urged the government and the Taliban to stay confidence and be patient, follow nation’s demand and accept each other. “No choice but to accept each other.”

A small mistake could lead the country to another 40 years of crisis, he noted.

“We can utilize current opportunity in a better manner, while the nation has a single and united voice.”

First we have to pressurize both – politicians and the government plus the Taliban to sit in intra-Afghan dialogue to reach a win-win agreement to all, he added.

Former Finance Minister, Omar Zakhilwal had touched upon over four decades of conflict and crisis, said that extremism and abatement have been the main factors for disorders.

“We lost the moderate way, thus we did not have a stable system.”

This is time to bring peace in the country; he said hinting to the current peace process.

“No doubt that the Taliban has different views about the system, but it requires having such an Islamic system to be moderated through which we can be part of 21st century world.”

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