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Participation of youth in decision making sought

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: New Line Organization (NLO), a rights group, on Thursday urged the government for increased participation of youth in the decision-making process.

Addressing a seminar in connection with the International Youth Day, the chief of NLO, Fahim Sediqi, said that though youth make nearly 65 percent of Afghanistan population but still they have insufficient presence in the decision making process.

He said that youth were used for politics by the National Unity Government leaders in election campaigns and have become a forgotten issue now.

Pointing to the challenges faced by young Afghans, he urged the government to provide youth with better education, healthcare services and job opportunities.

Former Deputy Minister of Youth Affairs of the Ministry of Information and Culture, Timor Shah Eshaqzai, said that International Youth Day is celebrated every year in Afghanistan, but young people still face many problems.

He said that over four million young people are jobless. Over three million youths are addicts and hundreds of people are joining militant groups due to unemployment.

Eshaqzai said the government should device and support policies aimed at empowering youth.  He said that unity would help youth to reach their goals.

Deputy Minister of Youth Affairs, Kamal Sadat, said that steps have been taken to implement the youth policy in order to overcome challenges faced by young Afghans.

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