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Pashtun Long March enters into Baluchistan

AT Monitoring Desk-KABUL: The Pashtun Protection Movement on Sunday held a big public gathering in Quetta, capital city of Baluchistan province, against state sponsored terrorism, military atrocities and human rights violations, racial profiling and demanded immediate recovery of more than 32, 000 missing Pashtuns for the past 15 years.

The gathering was attended by a large number of Pashtun masses, including the ethnic Hazara and Baloch population in the province in order to extend their unity and solidarity against Pakistan sponsored terrorism and its occupation over the Pashtun and Baloch territories since its unduly birth in 1947.

The protesters displayed pictures of their beloved ones who are forcefully disappeared and killed by Pakistan’s security forces in fake military incursions.

The Pashtun Protection Movement’s Chief Manzoor Pashteen said Pashtuns in Pakistan have been suffering worst at the hands of the country’s military forces as they are conducting extra judicial killing and branding them as terrorists. He said the movement would be continued until peace and stability was not prevailed on Pashtun soil.

Addressing the public gathering, Nawab Ayaz Jogezai, senior leader of Pakhtunkhwa Milli Awami Party and former senator said Pashtuns in Pakistan have been suffering worst from the pro-terror policies and racial profiling in Pakistan, adding national unity is needed to pull the Pashtuns out of slavery and state sponsored terrorism. “The international community must come to the fore in support of Pashtun Long March to end terrorism and establish durable peace and stability in the region,” Jogezai called on the international community.

Another speaker, Warangy Loni, a writer and civil society activist said Pashtun nation in Pakistan was forced to take roads and streets in defense of themselves from the Pakistan imposed terrorism and militarism, resulting in systemic slow motion Pashtun genocide. She said the Pashtuns in Pakistan want peace on their motherland and revenge of wrongdoings with them.

“Pakistan’s fake military incursions on Pashtun soil have been adding to sufferings of the Pashtuns, instead of shunning terror havens and eliminations of terrorists,” She added.

She expressed zero tolerance against enforced disappearance of Pashtun youth and tribal elders and demanded an end to extra judicial killing of Pashtuns.

Aman Bazai, another speaker said refugees from India are among the ruling class of Pakistan, but discriminately, the Afghan refugees have been suffering worst at the hand of Pakistan’s state institutions and trying to brand them as terrorists against their own country, Afghanistan.

A tribal elder of the Hazara community in his address emphasized on unity and solidarity among the victimized and suppressed nations in Pakistan to collectively confront and defeat the Pakistan imposed terrorism and occupation.

The Pashtun Long March was started on Friday from D.I.Khan district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and held big public gatherings in Darazinda—a tribal area and Zhob district of Baluchistan, followed by a warm welcome and gathering in Qilla Saifullah district.

Addressing a public gathering in Zhob district, Ali Wazir—a prominent leader of Pashtun Protection Movement and Chief of Ahmadzai Wazir in South Waziristan called on Pakistan to withdraw its civil and military administration from Pashtun soil and urged the international community to let the Afghans on both sides of Durand Line to be united, after revisiting the so-called and unauthorized imaginary line.

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