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Pashtuns seek int’l support for liberation

AT-KABUL: Representatives of Pashtuns submitted a petition “Pashtunistan” at the United Nations office in Geneva, seeking international support for liberation and self-determination.

Pashtuns, most of them escaped into exile after fearing persecution, submitted the petition on Friday at the UN in Geneva calling for support of the democratic and civilized nations to support their struggle.

Shan Pacha, a representative of Pashtuns in Europe, said that every year representatives of the oppressed nations gather at the UN forum to raise their voices and speak against injustice and oppression. He said that most of the oppressed nations have representation in the forum.

“Kurds, Baloch, Sindhis and many other nations have representation, except Pashtuns. The petition is an attempt to raise the issue of gross human rights violations perpetrated in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province and tribal area that are controlled by Pakistan,” he said.

He told Afghanistan Times that it was unclear when they would get seat in the UN forum, but it is clear that the international body does not consult any country while taking decision in order to address grievances of those living in oppressed regions and occupied territories.

Talking to Afghanistan Times, he said that it was necessary “to raise our voices for our future”.

The followers and representatives hoped that Pashtunistan would be realized as a serious international issue and would get seat in the forum.

They said that is a fundamental human right of an oppressed person to speak against injustice.

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