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Passport Distribution to Begin Soon

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KABUL: The passport-issuing will begin on April 5th across the country, a spokesman for the Passport Department said on Tuesday.

Shafiullah Tasal, a spokesman for department of passport said they have also recruited female employees to assist with the processing and distribution of passports for women.

“From sixteen of Hamal (solar month), April 5th, the processing of online passports will begin normally in Kabul and all provinces,” he said.

Tasal expect the process of passport distribution to be accelerated as female employees can play an active role in the department’s activities.

Officials said that at least six people were arrested on charges of corruption and for soliciting bribes over the 30 past days in Kabul.

“The arrested people made a fake stamp and signature of the passport director, and they were preparing fake documents for people in return for money,” said Mohammad Naeem, Deputy Security officer at the passport department.

The operations of the passport department have been on and off for several times since the fall of the former government.

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