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Patience of the nation at boiling point

There is a tsunami of troubles and issues. One issue is not resolved that yet another issue emerges. At times they challenge our collective stamina as a nation. What did happen to the Shiite passengers in Zabul province at the hands of ISIS is the extreme of brutalities. The brutes succeeded in sending the message that the government is incapable of protecting people’s lives.

What happened in front of the Presidential Palace is even more saddening. The problem is when such issues emerge, our collective wisdom disappears, and the people, start focusing so much on differences that waters even more chaos, and negativity. The people are not blameworthy as their grief and fury is natural and they have the right to give vent to their anger, yet what matters is the government’s unconcern. What did emerge in news, on the brutal beheadings, in channels is enough to make you believe as if there is no government. The protestors who had gathered in the premises of the Presidential Palace sought resignation from the President and CEO. Some questioned that where is the government? And then the most unfortunate happened—warning shots by police which left some protestors injured. Even the Wolesi Jirga came into movement over the brutality of terrorists in Zabul. They didn’t behead just seven Hazaras rather they beheaded seven Afghans, seven humans and according to the Holy Quran, they beheaded the entire humanity.

This is perhaps the second attempt of the terrorists to create sectarian strife as a Hazarite’s shrine was targeted in 2011 where over 60 innocent Shiite mourners were killed.

Fed up with the no-action based promises of the government, the Wolesi Jirga (the Lower House of the Parliament), is mulling to summon President Ashraf Ghani and Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah. The Wolesi Jirga also condemned the beheadings of the seven passengers in Zabul province. According to Wolesi Jirga members the government has failed in protecting its citizens.

Besides the failures of the government, the society is also responsible as we have been pursuing an affiliation-based politics. A Pashtun favors a Pashtun. A Tajik favors a Tajik and Hazara is looking for help and support from a Hazara. In the absence of a broader political thinking, some politically established families have been exploiting these gaps.

We don’t learn from other nations. India has hundreds of ethnic groups, yet has been proudly marching on the trajectory of economic development. In Europe, Jews and Christians participate in their religious rituals. They have dumped their past differences. They have learnt the art of how to live in harmony.

Some of the protestors attempted to link terrorism to a particular ethnic group, yet this is unfair because the ethnic group they named to be responsible is even the worst victim of terrorism. The entire nation is grieved over what the brutes did in Zabul and beheaded the innocent civilians, however, instead of fanning divides with ethnic lines is as worth condemnation as terrorism is. Then why we must commit a mistake when we condemn another mistake.

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