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Peace convoy calls on Taliban to extend ceasefire

AT-KABUL: The members of the peace convoy who has came from Helmand province on foot to Kabul, asked the Taliban to accept the government’s request for ceasefire extension and extend it for at least one month.

These people have set a three-day deadline to give them a positive answer like the government officials and prove they are independent.

The convoy’s spokesman, Besmellah Watandost, said Wednesday that Taliban should pay respect to the people’s demands and accept one month ceasefire proposed by the government.

“We want the Taliban to give positive response to the government’s ceasefire demand and observe it for one month. We have give a three-day deadline to the armed Taliban, and they should prove their independence as the government did. President Ashraf Ghani independently decided without calling anyone and taking advice and command from anyone,” Watandost said.

He warned the convoy would set sit in camps near the embassies of the countries accused of supporting Taliban if the militants did not give them positive response within three days.

President Ghani met the convoy on Tuesday, reaffirming his peace stance and assuring that he would be present for the peace talks with Taliban in any country that they want without any pre-conditions.

Ghani said he would extend the ceasefire for one month if the militants accept, adding that he would also discuss the withdrawal of foreign troops during the peace dialogues.

Eqbal Khyber, a member of the peace convoy had earlier said that they would send their message to the people of the countries that are involved in the Afghan war.

Political analyst, Najib Nangyal, said that Taliban had no excuse and pretext now to continue war, so they should extend the ceasefire and join the peace talks.

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