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Peace Council downplays Taliban’s refusal of U.S. talks

By Basir Qazizada -KABUL: The High Peace Council called Taliban’s refusal over holding another round of talks with the US officials ‘not important’, saying Washington should seek solutions if it seriously wants to help peace in Afghanistan.

Western media had earlier quoted some anonymous Taliban officials as saying that the group was leaders were preparing to form a delegation for the second round of talks with the US officials, following the first round took place in Doha.

But, Zabihullah Mujahid, a spokesman of Taliban has refused any “talks” with the US officials, denying the reports as “baseless”.

Azizullah Din Mohammad, deputy chairman of the peace council said Saturday that the talks between “the two sides is likely in the very near future”. “Talks between them (Taliban and US diplomats) will not be stopped. I believe that this is not a serious issue, because if the United States has a serious plan for Afghan peace, it seeks a solution,” said Mohammad.

He added that challenges and problems over the talks between the two sides were ordinary and would not affect the peace process.

Mujahid said in a statement that the Taliban’s position on the peace and other matters was announced by official statements.

The peace council welcomes Taliban-US talks, saying such dialogues would pave the ground for the peace talks between Afghan government and the militant group.

Meanwhile, political experts believe that Taliban want more privileges and try to show off themselves powerful through such moves. “This means that either the Taliban or the US government is trying to take more privileges or show off their power. Taliban will return to the talks and the US retreats. The government of Afghanistan criticizes, but in final, they all will sit behind the talks table,” said political analyst, Entezar Khadem.



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