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Peace Council welcomes Medina Imam’s peace remarks

AT News Report-KABUL: The High Peace Council welcomes statement by the Prophet mosque (Masjid Nabawi), calling his support of the peace talks in Afghanistan effective.

Mohammad Amin Waqad, member of the council’s leading board, said that the statement showed those groups claiming to be Muslims should talk and not fight.

“This message means that the people who claim to be Muslims, should talk and not fight. This is very important and we welcome it and we hope that Taliban also get lesson from that,” said Waqad.

According to Waqad, the recent Muslim clerics’ meeting in Saudi and Mosque Nabawi imam’s support of Afghan peace program, this would put direct impact on the Taliban fighters on the ground and most of them would leave war against government forces.

He warned that Saudi meeting was the last chance for Taliban to leave fighting, otherwise they would be more isolated.

The imam of mosque nabawi, called war in Afghanistan forbidden, hoping war and bloodshed in Afghanistan be over.

Muslim clerics from 43 countries gathered in Saudi meeting and called the war in Afghanistan forbidden. They called on the government and Taliban militants to put an end to the current war and work for peace.

Taliban rejected the statement of the clerics. Saudi Arabia was previously supporting Taliban and was among three states that recognized Taliban’s government in 1996-2001.

“The Holy Cities, Mecca and Medina are the birthplace of Prophet Mohammad and his tomb is also there. Taliban should know that when an official from the Holy Cities calls on them, they should obey,” said Basir Haqqani, head of clerics’ council of Kabul city.

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