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Peace is a victory for everyone

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KABUL: The Taliban, with whom the US signed a peace deal on Saturday, has claimed the privilege of the agreement, trying to declare victory with terming the Afghan conflict as legal. But peace is considered victory to all.

The group in its statements read comments such as- the Taliban’s fight was right-invasion is over- Taliban’s fight was legitimated – final beat of US, NATO Forces. The Taliban think that peace deal would end Afghanistan’s invasion but the truth is that it would end the Taliban’s fight under the title of “Jihad”, which would spread through civil society organizations, academic institutions and media outlets.

The Taliban has been covering their violent and lies with the title of Jihad and declare it as a “holly” war.

Also, the Taliban claims that signing the peace deal has given legitimacy to the group, while the current relations between Washington and Kabul is questioning the Taliban’s legitimacy. The recent travel of the US Secretary of Defense, Mark Esper and NATO Chief Jens Stoltenberg is an example to prove it.

If the agreement is meant to end the Afghan war, any type of violence by the Taliban such as inflicting casualties on civilians and military, and inflicting damages to public utilizing, should be considered as illegal which have no religious legitimacy.

Looking at the situations, the only victorious of the war are the Afghan people and Afghan security forces that have suffered massive casualties and witnessed sever violence posed by the Taliban in the past years.

While the next step of victory would be the formation of Republic System in Afghanistan. The Afghan people have proved their support to the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. The main responsibility of the Afghan youths, civil rights activists, women, academic institutions is, to support the current Republican System and prioritize the legitimacy of republic system over the Taliban’s group.

The Taliban must realize that Afghanistan has changed a lot, and the success of peace process would bring victory to all Afghans including the Taliban group.

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