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Peace is an existential ideal of Afghan people; Karzai

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KABUL: Former President Hamid Karzai met on Tuesday with Liu Jian, Special Representative of the People’s Republic of China for Afghanistan.

Both the dignitaries discussed recent developments in the Afghan peace process, while Hamid Karzai called peace a national and existential ideal of the Afghan people.

“Taliban are citizens of Afghanistan and our brothers. And we hope intra-Afghan talks will be concluded as soon as possible and that all Afghans will live together in peace and fraternity,” said Mr. Karzai.

Mr. Karzai praised the role of the People’s Republic of China in the success of peace talks and stressed its continuity.

The former president made identical comments during his recent interview with Germany’s Deutsche Welle by contending that peace is an ‘overarching priority’ of Afghanistan and education of children and girls and civil freedoms are the red lines that should be honored by both the negotiating sides in intra-Afghan peace talks.

“Peace and stability will solidify our national sovereignty, civil liberties and progressivism, and a successful culmination of peace talks is an absolute necessity to sustain democracy, independence and sovereignty of Afghanistan,” he said. It is the national obligation of both negotiating sides to never allow for a failure of peace talks.

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