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Peace is not possible without justice

MyRedLine Movement Strongly Opposed AWN’s Stance on U.S. Proposal for Peace

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KABUL: The MyRedLine Movement has expressed criticism on the Afghan Women Network’s (AWN) stance regarding the U.S. new proposal for Afghanistan reconciliation, calling it “legitimately recognition of illegal and political inference of foreigners” on forging destination for the Afghan women.

The AWN has said in a statement earlier that the all parties involved in the Afghan peace negotiations should guarantee the establishment of the Supreme Council of Islamic Jurists that it would not be in contrast with the constitution and the rights of women, civil society and children, as well as freedom of speech. The AWN suggested that the council should not hold the authority to cancel the law enforcement of the country.

“Membership of the Supreme Council of Islamic Jurists should not be monopolized by the Taliban and that the representatives of different religious parties should be allowed to be part of it based on qualification.”

The statement furthered that the role of the Supreme Council of Islamic Jurists should be based on specific criteria of neutralization, irrelevancy and non-politic. The judicial forces should remained independent, the AWN suggested.

The second part of the statement called on national and international organizations to inclusively support women in the peace process.

“All sides should agree on meaningful participation of women in politics, leadership and top government position,” the statement said. “This includes 30 percent of women inclusion in leadership in all government fields.”

But in reaction to the AWN, the MyRedLine Movement said that “any stance and decision on behalf of women first requires consultation with them, especially with the war victim’s family”.

“The position of the “Afghan Women’s Network” against the U.S. plan is a kind of service and recognition of interfering and illegitimate foreign policies towards the fate of the people and especially the women of the country,” the movement said in a statement.

The MyRedLine added that the AWN introduced a heterogeneous composition position regarding the Supreme Council of Islamic Jurists in support of the U.S. new plan. “On the other hand, this position’s publication is a costly and hasty step announced before Afghanistan’s government’s official position,” the statement said. “The notion that the so-called Supreme Council of Islamic Jurisprudence guarantees women’s rights or expecting the Taliban to abide by the international human rights conventions is nothing but a crude and naive fantasy.”

The movement believes the Taliban have not been changed as the group is continuing violence and extremism.

The MyRedLine vowed that irresponsible stances undermine the legitimacy of women in the national process and nationwide issues.

The U.S special envoy for Afghanistan reconciliation, Zalmay Khalilzad shared Washington’s new proposal in a with the Afghan officials and countries-involved in the Afghan peace process in his visit to Afghanistan and a number of regional countries.

The scheme includes the formation of a transitional government comprised of three parliament, legislative and executive forces. The scheme includes “Supreme Council of Islamic Jurisprudence” and a commission of modification of constitution would be formed under the scheme.

The MyRedLine suggested “peace is not possible without justice and that a lasting peace” will come when the rights of citizens’ votes are respected.

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