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Peace marchers launch demo in front of US embassy

AT-KABUL: The members of the peace march movement sat down in front of the US embassy in Kabul on Wednesday after a three-day protest at the gate of the UN mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA).

Besmellah Watandost, the movement’s spokesperson said they would ask the American people through their embassy to ask the US government what it had done for peace in Afghanistan in the past several years. He added that they would continue protest in front of the embassy for three days.

“We want the people of America to ask their government what it has so far done for the peace in Afghanistan. We also want the US government to let the war sides that are Afghans hold dialogues to reach a positive result,” said Watandost.

The movement would then go to the embassies of Russia, Pakistan and Iran, according to Watandost, who accuses these countries of the “main financial supporters of war” in Afghanistan.

The peace march movement was formed in the southern province of Helmand after a suicide attack that killed and injured tens of civilians.

The movement members started walking towards Kabul and the youth from Kandahar, Zabul, Ghazni and Wardak provinces joined them on their way to the capital, who walked hundreds of kilometers to ask the war sides stop war and accept the ceasefire.

President Ashraf Ghani met the movement in Kabul and said that he would extend the ceasefire for a year if Taliban accept.

Sayed Ehsan Taheri, the high peace council spokesperson, welcomed the protest movement, saying the council would support any move with the aim of peace.

“We welcome the people’s movements that are for the peace in Afghanistan. These movements are the biggest steps and will be recorded in the history of Afghanistan,” said Taheri.

Moshtaq Rahim, a political expert, said that the people’s peace march would put positive impacts on the peace process.

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