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Peace negotiation delegation between fear and hope

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KABUL: The effort to form a negotiation team is stuck between fear and hope. President Ghani and his rival in the last year’s election Abdullah are both emphasizing on the forming of inclusive and pervasive delegation, but sources close to Taliban say that if the government delegation was not formed until a planned date, negotiations would face an impasse.

Afghan politicians have only nine days to form a delegation to start talks with the Taliban in Doha of Qatar. The government has not agreed on the delegation since September 2018 when Taliban began meeting with the United States diplomats.

Abdullah rushed to his office on Saturday after the US and Taliban signed the peace deal and protested the dispatch of a six-member delegation to Qatar who is called coordinator group. He warned not to accept the result of talks if the delegation was not inclusive.

Abdullah’s remarks show that there are serious differences on the peace despite insistence by the United States and a limited time in the text of the peace agreement.

Sayed Akbar Agha, a former Taliban commander, assured that Afghan politicians would gain a result to form a delegation if foreigners do not meddle.

President Ghani’s office retreated over the matter. It was earlier insisting to form the delegation. Ghani now emphasizes on an inclusive team.

He says that variety, effectiveness and making decision should be observed in the peace delegation.

He suggests an eight-member delegation with a respective authority, while another body should be formed in Kabul with full authority for decision making.

Ghani says that the 14-member offer should be also discussed.

A reasonable interpretation of Islam against Taliban’s interpretation is one of key challenges to defend the values of Islamic Republic.

The US-Taliban agreement was signed Saturday in Qatar with the title of ‘Agreement for Bringing Peace To Afghanistan’.

At the same time, the governments of Afghanistan and America signed a joint statement in Kabul.

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