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Peace negotiator says peace talks is time-consuming

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KABUL: Fawzai Koofi, a member of Afghan negotiating team believes that peace talks are complicated and takes time.

Speaking at an online discussion titled ‘International partnership for peace’, Koofi said Wednesday that governing system in the future, political partnership and ceasefire are the difficult parts of the peace talks agenda.

“It would be a negative scenario if the world loses patience in Afghanistan situation and withdraws without a guarantee and then Taliban feel winner of the negotiations and we go to a new war,” Koofi said.

The US had earlier announced to reduce troops to 2,500 by January.

The announcement made NATO and Germany concerned.

Koofi said that cease fire is Kabul’s priority in the negotiations with Taliban.

She also spoke on the reconciliation council to pave the ground for gathering politicians.

The reconciliation council led by Abdullah Abdullah has not formed yet.

President Ghani’s spokesman says that there is no problem in the shaping of the reconciliation council.

Afghan government hopes that the US president-elect Joe Biden make more logical decision over the peace process.

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