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Peace talks within a few days: Abdullah

AT Monitoring Desk-KABUL: After the remarks of President Ashraf Ghani about improvements in peace talks with the Taliban, the Chief Executive of the national unity government said Monday that the talks would kick off in upcoming days.

Terming the concerns about undermining the achievements of the past year, the CEO Abdullah Abdullah stressed that the Afghan government would not come up with any deal for improving the negotiations process.

He said the government would support the Afghan security forces along with carrying on the peace talks with the Taliban. “I hope that negotiations between Afghan government and the Taliban will kick off as the government has taken a fresh stance in this regard,” he added.

The High Peace Council (HPC) said the other day that they were preparing the agenda for the talks with the Taliban.

A number of civil society activists expressed optimism about the process and said the Afghan government should be cautious while discussing peace with Taliban.

Aziz Rafi, head of a civil society organization in Kabul, said the Afghan government should not commit any mistake in the peace process because no mistake would be compensated. “Four things are important in peace parleys which include accepting of the Constitution, people’s rights, achievements in media, civil society and women’s rights. Afghan government will commit a mistake if it ignores any of the options during the talks with the Taliban,” he added.

It is said that a senior delegation of the Afghan government would hold talks with Taliban where they would discuss the agenda of the peace talks which would be held in near future.

Taliban militants have not commented regarding reports about their willingness to the peace process so far.

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