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Peaceful life a dream for Afghan children

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KABUL: June 2nd is celebrated internationally as the World Day of Children. The day is marked as Afghan children dream for a peaceful and better life, though the life condition in Kabul and some big cities had improved compared to the remote rural areas.

Neda and Sobhan go to a kindergarten in Kabul and enjoy good situation of life both from family and the kindergarten.

“I study, sing songs and exercise in the kindergarten. I am glad to study,” said Neda.

“I am happy that I study in this kindergarten and I want to be an engineer in the future,” Sobhan said.

But, in another part of the city, Mohammad Sami lives, who suffers from polio. He needs to work in the downtown despite being paralyzed to support his family. He shouts from morning to evening to find passengers for city taxis and the drivers pay him 10 Afs for each time their cars are filled with five passengers.

Sami is the only breadwinner for his family and says that he earns 100 to 200 Afs per day.

He asks for government help to reduce his family problems.

Sami is not the only child in Afghanistan who suffers from life problems, thousands of children have the same fate.

The Save the Children, a US-based organization serving for children life improvement, says of some developments in the life of Afghan children compared to past years.

It said in a statement that Afghan society witnessed a 44 per cent of decrease in underage marriages. But it said that 41 per cent of Afghan children are deprived from education, while 79.6 per cent more die before the age of five.

Maryam Ataiee, spokeswoman for the Save the Children said that war and economic poverty intensively affected Afghan children.

“Unfortunately, fresh reports say that child mortality increases day by day. Children in Afghanistan suffer more from war compared to adults,” she said.

Meanwhile, ministry of education acknowledges that children face several problems.

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