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Pence backs Ghani’s move to engage with ousted Balkh governor

AT Monitoring Desk-KABUL: The US Vice President Mike Pence in his telephonic conversation with President Ashraf Ghani on Tuesday, has backed him for conducting a negotiated transition of leadership in Balkh province, and commended the bravery and sacrifices of Afghan security forces in war on terror.

Mike Pence said President Ghani’s efforts of engagement with the government and opposition parties, especially with the ousted governor of Balkh province are appreciable to be resulted in political stability in the country.

While discussing the political situations in the country, “Mike Pence expressed his support to the Afghan government to engage with Noor and conduct a peacefully negotiated transition of leadership in Balkh,” the White House said.  Expectedly, the long debated political crisis between the Presidential Palace and the ousted governor of Balkh province would be ended with a popular settlement.

During the telephonic conversation, the two leaders also shed light over the security situation in the Afghanistan and the impact of President Trump’s South Asia strategy, the White House said in a statement.

Pence and Ghani appreciated the bravery and sacrifices that US, Coalition, and Afghan soldiers have been rendered in fighting the insurgency and international terrorists, such as ISIS and Al-Qaeda, the statement added.

“Pence and Ghani reaffirmed the enduring bonds and close alliance between the United States and Afghanistan,” the White House noted.

According to the White House, the discussion was a continuation of the dialogue that Pence had with Ghani and Chief Executive Abdullah in Kabul last month.

Pence also discussed Kabul’s continued engagement and critical progress on necessary reforms, political inclusion, and preparations for forthcoming elections to be held in the country.

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