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Pentagon admits killing 12 civilians in 2021 in Afghanistan


Kabul: The Pentagon has said that 12 civilians were killed and two civilians were injured as a result of the US military operation in Afghanistan in 2021.

CNN, citing the report of the Pentagon on Tuesday, September 27, reported that 10 of these civilians were killed on August 29, 2021, one day before the end of US withdrawal from Afghanistan, during an attack by US Army drones in Kabul.

Seven of the 10 civilians killed in the incident were children, CNN added.

The failed attack by the United States drone led to the investigation of the United States Air Force by General Frank MacKenzie, the former commander of the United States Central Command.

McKenzie admitted the incident was a “mistake”, but none of the leaders or military force of the U.S. army punished for this attack.

Two more civilians were killed in two separate air strikes in Afghanistan in 2021, one in Herat on January 8 and the other in Kandahar on August 11.

In this report, it is also mentioned that two civilians were injured during the US airstrike in Kandahar on January 18, 2021.

This report states that the Ministry of Defense has paid compensation to the victims of the January 8 incident in Afghanistan in 2021.

According to this report, the US Ministry of Defense said that it will cooperate with the surviving family members of those killed in the drone attack on August 29; but this report has confirmed that no compensation has been paid to the family so far.

It should be noted that the number of civilian casualties released annually by the Ministry of Defense shows a significant decrease compared to last year.

The assessment of the US Department of Defense in 2020 shows that about 23 civilians were killed and 10 others were injured as a result of US military operations.

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