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Pentagon calls on Taliban to embrace opportunity for peace

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KABUL: US Defense Secretary Mark Esper has called on the Taliban to reduce violence and utilize the current opportunity for peace in Afghanistan.

“The US and its NATO allies continue to call on the Taliban to decrease violence in Afghanistan to help create the conditions for intra-Afghan negotiations. Now is the time for all parties to embrace the opportunity to deliver a sustainable peace,” the Secretary said in a tweet.

This is while NATO in a statement called on all sides to urgently fulfil the commitments they have made to lower vioelcne and work towrd peace.  

The prospect of the start of negotiations to reach a comprehensive peace agreement in Afghanistan represents an historic opportunity to end the decades long conflict.

We call urgently upon Afghanistan’s political leaders and their supporters to come together to resolve their differences and form an inclusive government. Afghanistan’s political actors must seize this opportunity for peace.

The current level of violence caused by the Taliban is not acceptable. We call urgently on the Taliban to reduce violence and create the conditions conducive to commence negotiations. NATO further calls on the Taliban to fulfill its commitments to ensure that terrorists never again find safe haven on Afghan soil, the statement added.

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