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People express gratitude with ceasefire

AT-KABUL: The short-term ceasefire has made not only elder people happy, but has put an impact of hope on the children as well, with those kids who have lost their dear ones in the bombings and suicide attacks, ask the war sides to reach a peace agreement.

Some parents have recently named their new-born babies after peace and happiness with the hope that peace and happiness would replace war and devastation. But these kids have not experienced peace and happiness either.

Now with a short agreement for ceasefire between the government and Taliban insurgents, the children express happiness, calling the two sides to agree on a sustainable peace and armistice.

“We the Afghans should spend our Eid festival days in happiness. The government and Taliban should not fight each other,” said Motiullah, an orphanage kid in Kabul who has lost his father in the fight between Taliban and security forces in the Khan Abad district of the northern province of Kunduz.

Abdul Wares, another orphanage kid says: “This is a good job. We have to rebuild Afghanistan with the help of each other so that it will become a developed country like other states.”

President Ashraf Ghani announced a week-long ceasefire with the Taliban militants that will begin from today. The group also sent a green signal with declaring a three-day truce, calling on its fighters not to attack the security forces during the days of the Eid-ul-Fetrfest.

Ghani called the ceasefire as an “important achievement” during the past decades in his speech in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit in China’s port city of Qingdao.

Meanwhile, Mohammad Yousuf, head of the Ashiana, a non-government organization working to help orphans and labor children, said that peace and ceasefire was the first desire of children.

“The children hope that the government of Afghanistan, international community and any groups fighting with the government, pay respect to this ceasefire and lead it to a permanent and real peace,” said Yousuf.

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