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People in panic by recent Kabul attacks

AT News Report-KABUL: The recent unrest in the capital Kabul by frequent terrorist attacks has hit the residents in panic, forcing most of them not to get out of their houses. Kabul streets particularly in the main town where thousands of people frequent for their routine business are unusually calm even during the rush hours.

People say the insecurity in the capital has caused many problems in their daily lives and almost everyone knows one of the people killed or injured during the last deadly attacks. The attacks have also affected them economically.

Kabul residents say they are “completely disappointed” with their security and have no hope if they are alive to come back home when they leave their houses.

“We witness killing and bloodshed every day. How long should this go on? The government and security in charges need to make tight measures,” said Belal and Hamid, two residents of the capital whose businesses have been affected by the recent attacks.

“More youth are leaving the country, because the situation is very critical,” they said.

The city witnessed three deadly attacks in one week: the Intercontinental hotel attack that killed at least 22 people, the ambulance car bomb in the center of the city in which more than 100 civilians were killed and over 200 more injured and the latest attack against the military battalion in which at least 11 soldiers were killed and 16 wounded.

Such attacks are unprecedented as Taliban and the Daesh terrorist group, have intensified offensives around the country.

These attacks force people to flee the country and go abroad legally or illegally.

Terrorists intensify attacks while security officials claim they did not neglect to carry out duties, saying they were working to “prevent the enemies’ attacks”. They say that security forces are the immediate victims of the bombings and still, they are doing their work honestly.

“The current situation has frightened ever one. If the situation continues, investors will take their money from the country,” Seyamuddin Pasarlay, spokesman for the Afghan Trade and Industries Chamber.




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