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People should be informed of peace talks: Senators

KABUL: The government and people of Afghanistan should be informed of the peace talks, members of senate demand, otherwise, they warn the country would experience “another crisis”.

The remarks are apparently referred to meetings between Taliban delegation and representatives from countries involved in the Afghanistan affairs including the three-round talks with the US representative Zalmay Khalilzad that took place last year in the Persian Gulf Arab states.

Afghan government was refused by Taliban to join the meetings despite constant requests from the US and other states to attend.

Senators said in their Sunday session that the peace talks were now in a crucial process, asking for more attention to prevent new crises.

“Our message to the countries involved in the Afghan peace process is that any discussion over the process without presence of Afghan government and nation will lead it toward another crisis. Every move should be shared with the government of Afghanistan and the government has to inform the nation from what happens,” Fazl Hadi Muslimyar, head of senate said.

Another senator, Gul Ahmad Azimi, said that some meetings took place in the region over the peace in Afghanistan, have been kept secret from the government.

The government-funded High Peace Council is however optimistic to the promises it was provided from neighboring states, with Umer Daudzai, head of the council’s secretariat saying that Pakistani officials had assured him of their practical cooperation with the peace process.

“Mr. Daudzai is happy with his visit to Pakistan. He believes that there is an accord among Pakistan government, its politicians and army over peace in Afghanistan,” said Mohammad Ismael Qasemyar, a senior member of the peace council.

He said that the formation of the consultative board means that the peace process is not hidden from people.

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