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People should mobilize against Taliban; lawmakers

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KABUL: The members of parliament offer public mobilization in order to prevent the rush of Taliban militants who are rapidly seizing control of districts across Afghanistan.

The legislators warned Monday that the situation would more deteriorate if people are not mobilized.

“The situation is critical and people need to take side of their security forces to contain the situation. Only public mobilization can manage the current situation,” lawmaker Aref Rahmani, said.

“The districts with billions of incomes fell to the opposition but the central government hasn’t taken measure yet. The people need to make decision and mobilize against Taliban. If the people do not support security forces, they will have a tough situation tomorrow,” said Ziauddin Ariayeenejad, representative of Samangan province in the parliament, referring the lower and upper Dara-e-Soof districts that fell to the militants last week.

He accused the Taliban of trying to divide Afghanistan into several small countries.

“The war will continue until corruption is not removed in the government. Thieves and corrupt people promote in this government,” said Shahpour Hassanzoy, representative of Logar province in the parliament.

Mohammad Sadeq Qaderi, representative of Herat province in the parliament, said that 60 districts had fallen in the past two weeks, warning of more areas fall.

Parliament Speaker Mir Rahman Rahmani also called for a fruitful use of public forces against the armed opposition.

“People’s battles against Taliban are appreciable and they need to be supported and armed to fight under a single umbrella,” said Rahmani.

He asked for some changes in the government strategy of war.

President Ghani hastily changed the ministers of defense and interior while Taliban are rushing to take advantage from the withdrawal of foreign troops.

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