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People want change in political system: Survey

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: The Afghan Institute for Strategic Studies (AISS) on Tuesday released a survey, in which 51 percent of the people interviewed have said they want parliamentary system.

The survey has interviewed 34 law experts and members of parliament and received 800 individuals answer through questioner in the aspect in 10 different provinces.

Fifty-one percent of responders believed the system should be changed from presidential to a combination of chancellery, said senior researcher Mohammad Amin Ahmadi.

“An absolute majority of responders is in favor of reducing the president’s authorities,” he added.

He said that experts also mainly insist on reforms and changes.

The survey finding revealed that 50.4 percent of people want decrease in President‘s authorities, while 33.1 percent was not at the favor of decreasing president authority.

The report show that 36 percent responders said that observing from constitution is at very low level, 30 percent said that it is low, 21 percent said that there is no observance from constitution, only 3 percent people view was positive.

Around 11.1 percent people believed that by president observance of constitution will be better, 30.5 percent said that through monitoring commission will be better 18.5 percent through supreme court and 34.9 percent responders believed that constitution will be observed better through courts establish for constitution.

Nearly 50.1 percent of responders seek amendment in constitution, but in few cases.

According to survey majority of interviewees called existence of constitution very important and useful

Chief Executive Officer of National Unity Government Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, while calling constitution a big achievement said that existence of constitution is at the favor of people.

Pointing to recent rifts in NUG he said that progress have been made for reform in electoral bodies and after running of election, efforts will be hold to run constitution Loya Jirga.

Ex-Foreign Minister Dr. Rangeen Dadfar Spanta said that constitution is the base for making mechanism and programs in social and political affairs, thus it will need to changes and reforms accordance to situation.

He said that constitution is acceptance of sovereignty of public, so the law should be always obeyed by the government.

The study suggests that the government should protect constitutional rights of the citizens without any discrimination.

The study emphasizes on the equal rights of citizens, strengthening local governance, reforms in the presidential system, and establishment of a constitutional court to hold the high-ranking officials including the president accountable for their actions.

“The majority of the interviewees believe that guaranteeing equal rights in any level for all citizens should be the main priority in the constitution. Some of them think the result of distribution of power based on ethnicity is that the least populated groups become effectively second-class citizens and they cannot make their way through the main power circles and would not be counted in decision making on the basis of civil rights and capacity,” the study suggested.

According to the survey, strengthening local democracy and reforming the administrative system, are reasonable demands of the experts and majority of interviewees in this study. According to the suggestions, all senior officials of a local government should be elected.

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