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Perpetrators of recent attacks to be tried, executed

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KABUL: First Vice President, Amrullah Saleh said that the perpetrators of suicide attacks, who are sentenced to death by the Supreme Court, would be executive in the near future.

He also said that the security forces thwarted 850 suicide attacks in capital city of Kabul. “The Taliban and Haqqani Network sometimes cover their face with Daesh mask to deceive the people,” Saleh added.

In the wake of the two back-to-back bombings on the two transport buses in PD 3 of capital Kabul, Saleh said that providing security is the basic responsibility of the government.

This comes as some members of the parliament on their Wednesday session voiced criticism on the government for being failed to protect the residents of west of Kabul.

The representative of central Ghazni province in the lower house of the parliament, Ali Akbar Qassimi said that the people of the west of Kabul have been attacked several times but the government “has not paid any step in providing security and thwarting these attacks.”

West of Kabul has recently been hit with deadly attacks that inflicted heavy casualties on civilians.

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