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Persistent Power Outages Plague Kabul Residents, Relief in Sight

AT Kabul: reports from pajwak news agency says that residents in Kabul are grappling with persistent power outages, with complaints mounting over daily disruptions. The power supply company, Da Afghanistan Breshna Shirkat (DABS), assures that relief is on the horizon with the imminent completion of the 500 KV Shiberghan-Dasht-i-Alwan electricity transmission line.

As winter sets in, the demand for electricity surges annually, exacerbating the issue for Kabul residents who are now urging swift resolution. Mustaq Parsa from Kart-i-Seh in Kabul City voiced his frustration, highlighting the illogical timing of power supply and urging authorities to find a lasting solution.

Nilofar Ahmadi, a resident of the 13th police district, expressed concern over prolonged power outages during extreme weather conditions. She disclosed that they currently face more than six hours without electricity in a 24-hour period, posing financial challenges in a climate of high unemployment and soaring prices of alternative energy sources.

Friba Ehsan, residing in the 7th police district, echoed similar grievances, citing damage to electrical appliances and the hardships caused by extended power cuts. Residents from various areas collectively demand a permanent solution to the electricity crisis.

Hekmatullah Maiwand, spokesperson for DABS, attributed the escalating power outages to a decrease in production and a surge in demand. He explained that, presently, Kabul residents receive only three hours of electricity daily due to prioritized supply to essential entities during daylight hours.

Maiwand emphasized that Afghanistan relies on imports for 80% of its electricity, mainly from neighboring countries such as Iran, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan. Only 20% of the electricity is domestically generated. He expressed optimism that the completion of the 500 KV Shiberghan-Dasht-Alwan transmission line project will alleviate the power shortage.

In a recent development, an agreement has been signed between DABS and Afghan Invest Company to finalize the 500 KV Shiberghan-Dasht-i-Alwan electricity transmission line and expand a power sub-station. The agreement raises hopes for a tangible solution to Kabul’s persistent power woes.

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