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Personal motives behind pleas for BSA revision: Abdullah

AT-KABUL: The chief executive, Abdullah Abdullah accused those who want the Afghanistan-United States bilateral security agreement be reviewed of having personal goals, saying such demands would not help for security improvement.

A number of parliament members had earlier called on the government to review the security pact with the United States, arguing the agreement was not fruitful for the improvement of security.

“Questioning a security agreement that was approved by the Loya Jirga (Grand Assembly), and signed by the national unity government on its first days in office is just for personal goals and I don’t think it will help the improvement of our security,” Abdullah said Monday, without referring to some certain people.

Some other members of parliament called the revision of the security pact “illegal”, a move showing opposition in the house of the nation.

Rana Tarin, a former senator said that the two sides had the right of revision over the pact, based on the pact’s articles. “Reviewing the security agreement is the right of people, but it should be done not to hurt Afghanistan’s economy and its international prestige. Our elders need to assess this,” said Tarin.

Abdullah said that the armed opposition groups want to continue attacks on the people of Afghanistan under the pretext of the foreign forces’ presence.

The bilateral security agreement turned to matter of controversy between the United States and the former president Hamid Karzai who refused to sign while in tenure. Karzai wanted a strong guarantee from Washington to honestly help the security in Afghanistan, stopping night raids and closing their detention centers in parts of the country before signing the pact, a demand that the White House did not accept.

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