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Pioneer Afghan women hold session for peace in Dubai

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KABUL: A five-day session of the pioneer Afghan women was held in the United Arab Emirates’ city of Dubai to discuss peace efforts.

55 women from across the country as well as Afghan women living in the United States and Europe gathered in the session to share their viewpoints and concerns over peace process.

They criticized women’s weak role in the peace negotiations, emphasizing their more roles in the talks with Taliban.

Sima Samar, President Ghani’s special envoy and state minister for human rights and international affairs, said that a lasting peace without women’s extensive presence would be impossible.

“More women’s presence automatically pressures Taliban so that they (Taliban) realize the new facts in Afghanistan,” she said.

The session was initiated by Women’s Network with the cooperation of Afghan Mechanism for Peace in Dubai on November 25 and will last for five days in which the participant women are to offer their findings and opinions for improvement of peace to the government of Afghanistan.

Massoud Karokhil, chief executive of the Afghan mechanism for inclusive peace, said: “The session belongs to Afghan women from inside and outside the country in Dubai and will discuss women’s role on the peace process.”

“Afghan women have made many efforts regarding peace and they now are reviewing the challenges on the road to peace,” said Roshan Mashaal, member of Afghan Women Network.

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