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Plan drafted to help people during disasters: ARCS

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: Afghan Red Crescent Society (ARCS) on Wednesday said that well preparation was adopted to assist suffering people during the winter.

“Special preparation has been adopted by ARCS in 34 provinces to in order to quickly respond to affected people during winter disaster,” said head of the ARCS disaster management department Abdul Rahman Kalantary.

He said that enough necessary relief items are available in all stocks of ARCS to be distributed to the needy people during disaster.

The ARCS health clinics are also active in all provinces as well as seven mobile teams are ready in different zones, he added.

Although ARCS is an impartial organ, which can enter at any area to run humanitarian programs, but still insecurity deems as a challenge for ARCS, he claimed.

He said that ARCS staffs sometimes fail to respond quickly to the affected people during ongoing conflict in some areas.

He highlighted that ARCS also has helped 121,527 needy people through providing relief items this year across the country.

“The relief items distributed by ARCS to the needy and affected people were included flour, bean, rice, cooking oil, tea, sugar, salt, tent, blanket, kitchen tools, soap and veil.”

Internally displaced people (IDPs) of Kunduz, Helmand and Nangarhar were widely supported this year, he mentioned.

Pointing to program of exchanging dead bodies from battle site, Mr. Kalantary said that 332 dead bodies transferred to the families and related conflict groups from battle fields in the country.

Also ARCS delivered 3,000 massaged to the families of prisoners across the country, he underlined.

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