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PM claims MOAB dropped not on Daesh hideouts

AT News Report-KABUL: A lawmaker has claimed that the United States air force did not drop the ‘Mother Of All Bombs (MOAB) on the hideouts of Daesh terrorist group, arguing that the fighters loyal to the group had already been shifted to another area.

The US used for the first time the largest non-nuclear bomb in the Achin district. The US military said the bomb targeted Daesh strongholds.

“The terrorists of Daesh are still present in the area where their bases are located and a large area is under their control,” said Zahir Qadir, a representative from Nangarhar province, where the bomb was dropped.

Other legislators believe that the bilateral security agreement between Afghanistan and the United States has caused the current insecurity, saying that Afghans are victimized by the incorrect decisions taken by the national unity government.

President Ashraf Ghani signed the controversial security pact with the US shortly after taking office in September 2014, an agreement that his predecessor Hamid Karzai refused to sign.

Issues about the attack emerge two weeks after the incident.

The parliament session also discussed the Shaheen 209th corps terrorist attack, calling the president responsible for the casualties of the soldiers.

More than 140 soldiers were martyred and scores of others injured in the attack took place on Friday.

The members of parliament accused the president of monopoly, saying he should clarify about the corps attack.






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