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Police arrest 100 criminals in Kabul

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KABUL: Around 100 criminal suspects were arrested over the past week in Kabul province, Taliban authorities said on Sunday.

The Taliban forces have arrested as many as 100 criminals who were involved in multiple armed robberies, while an investigation has started, General Mobin, a Taliban official in charge of security in Kabul.

“They have been referred to the judicial departments, and we assure Kabul residents that our forces are working 24 hours a day to beef up security in Kabul city,” Mobin added.

As the country’s economy has been hit by sanctions and lack of foreign aid, there has been a spike in crimes and robberies. Afghanistan is also facing its worst humanitarian crises as millions are unable to have access to enough food.

There has also been a spike in crimes associated with armed people impersonating the Taliban forces. This has exacerbated concerns among Kabul residents who are calling on the Taliban authorities to intensify their security efforts as lawlessness prevails.

This comes as the head of the commission auditing security forces announced last week they expelled 1,895 force members, including those involved in harassment cases.

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