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Police perplexed over arrest orders by Abdullah on arresting Mullah Omar mourners

Fatiha for Mullah Omar: Kabul police confuse over arrests order

AT-KABUL: The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Abdullah Abdullah has ordered the capital police to arrest those government officials who the mourned the death of Mullah Omar and offered Fatiha however the police seemed perplexed as the orders do not identify the mourners in person.

Spokesman to the Kabul Police Chief, Ebadullah Karemi, said that police is ready to arrest people who offered Fatiha for the late Taliban’s figurehead if the persons were identified by the government.

Talking to Afghanistan Times, he said that police has not received direct arrest orders. “The orders do not tell whom to arrest. We will take steps to arrest people if clear orders were received,” he said.

Abdullah Abdullah ordered the arrest of those who are working at government departments and participated in the condolence ceremony held for Mullah Omar in Kabul City.

According to media reports, two senior High Peace Council members attended the condolence session and praised Mullah Omar.

The National Directorate of Security (NDS) and the Kabul police chief have said that they would not let anyone to hold mourning ceremony for Mullah Omar.

The NDS said that sessions hold aimed at offering Fatiha for Mullah Omar would be considered “legitimate” military targets. The spy agency advised public to stay away from such ceremonies.

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