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Police reshuffles chiefs amid crime crackdown

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Kabul: Following the mounting crime rate in the capital city of Kabul, the Ministry of Interior (MoI) has notified of a 3-month reshuffle scheme aimed at eradicating crimes.

The MoI on Thursday announced that it has prepared a plan to transfer all Kabul-based police officials and heads of Police Districts (PD) to provinces and thus replace them with newly-graduated police cadets over the next three months.

Acting Ministy of Interior Massoud Andarabi said that the plan has been implemented in PD1 and PD5 of Kabul city, as well as in Deh Sabz district of Kabul, and would be further extended into other PDs and districts.

“We bring in new police forced who have recently graduated and completed their lessons,” he said, adding there would be observers and seniors to help them at the zone level.

On the one hand, this plans would decrease crime rates and on the other, help repose public trust in the police, said Andarabi. “We work on large scale crimes in the ministry and pay serious heed to them and if the same strategy is executed on the PDs’ level, I am sure that we will have positive results.”

Kabul residents also hoped that the plan will decrease levels of crimes in Kabul city. Roshan Mohseni, said: “This is a good decision but seems problematic because there is a lot difference in people who have practical experience and the ones who have recently graduated.”

However, Former Deputy Interior Minister Mirza Mohammad Yarmand believed that “until the new force gets familiar with the networks of criminals, there will be a professional vacuum.”

The Mol plan comes as Kabul city is witnessing increased criminal activity, including people being killed by armed robbers.

The recent was the stab-to-death incident of a 22-year old student by armed robbers – something that served as a wake-up call for government authorities because residents launched a furious security advocacy campaign named ‘Kabul is not safe’ through social media networks.

This comes as MoI has recently reported of taking 18 crime suspects into custody on the charges of robbery, theft, carrying weapons and disrupting the public order.

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