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Police runs new security plan in Kabul

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: Kabul Police on Monday said that implementation of new security plan started to boost up security in Kabul.

“In advance the new security plan will be implemented in diplomatic area and later it will be expanded to the city and district of Kabul,”Kabul Police Acting Chief General Saalem Ehsas.

He said that in order to improve security in Kabul this plan will cover Kabul’s neighboring provinces in future as well.

Through the plan check post will be increased in necessary areas as well stable and mobile patrolling will be increased, he added.

Till now 26 new check posts adopted in diplomatic areas, he noted.

He insisted that wew security plan will be implemented seriously and jointly in cooperation with army and intelligence operatives in Kabul.

In advance this plan will cover diplomatic areas in three month and in second step it will cover Kabul city and its district in next six months, he asserted.

He said that four scanners were installed in Kabul entrance gate and number of mobile scanners will be activated in different part of the city soon.

He stated that besides establishing security check posts Kabul police will be reformed and trained professionally for Kabul city.

An anti-riot detachment with 500 personal will be established in order to control security and react accordance to law during protest in Kabul, he mentioned.

Kabul Mayor Abdullah Habibzai said that Kabul municipality also has adopted different programs to asphalt roads, establish bus station and metro-facilities in Kabul in order to reduce traffic jam in Kabul city.

He believed that traffic jam can increase threats and incidents thus municipality work hard to implement programs and decline traffic jam in Kabul city.

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