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Polio is still taking victims in Afghanistan

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KABUL: The United Nations International Emergency Children’s Fund (UNICEF) says that the deadly Polio still takes victims from Afghan children.

The UNICEF said Saturday on the occasion of Polio Day that some 2.5 million children are deprived from taking Polio vaccination in Afghanistan every year.

Nabila is one of Polio victims who has to hear nonsense words from different people as she has lost the ability of walking since she was infected by Polio 15 years ago when she was just four years old.

Her father who was the only breadwinner of the family was killed in a bombing when Nabila was only six years old.

The disabled Nabila is now the breadwinner of her family of four.

She is now well-aware of Polio dangers, therefore she has worked as a vaccinator for two years in Kabul to explain about the disease to people beside making money.

“I used to go for vaccination when I was in the ninth grade at school, because I wanted to make people share my own experiences with the people and encourage them to immunize their children against the disease, but they were reluctant. I could hardly work in vaccination for two years.”

Nabila has graduated from high school and is seeking for a job in the government.

The polio cases had increase this year in Afghanistan.

Mir Jan Rasekh, head of Polio program in the ministry of public health says that they had registered 53 cases since the beginning of this year.

“35 of 53 Polio cases were found in the southern zone, while in the west, we had eight cases, in the eastern provinces there were six and two others were found in the north and northeastern provinces,” he said.

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