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Political interference, mismanagement is key factor behind crisis 

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: A large number of Jihadi leaders in a gathering titled “assessment of current situation of the country” on Thursday criticized the National Unity Government’s over its failure in the past two years.

They termed mismanagement, political interference in security organs, dividing of organs based on party and tribes as a significant factor behind current crisis across the country.

Criticizing government, the former Interior Minister, Mohammad Omar Daudzai termed political interference in security institutions, and division of key organizations based on party or tribal basis as one of focal point behind ongoing uncertainty.

He warned that hiring, firing and changes in security organs have to be followed through military rules and regulation, rather than political and tribal basis.

“Persisting of such ambiguity would create more rifts among government, and nation,” he said, adding that this trend would also trigger the country toward big challenges at the future.

He insisted that NUG have to revise its strategies, and bring real reformation in the system aimed at putting an end to the challenges.

Daudzai called on all political and Jihadi parties to come under a political umbrella to help in overcoming the current crisis.

Criticizing NUG for its failure in the past two years, former President of Afghanistan and Jihadi leader, Hazrat Sebghatullah Mujadidi, asked the leaders of the government to take measure for better reformation.

Pointing toward his support to President Ashraf Ghani in 2014 presidential election, he said “those people who helped someone to reach presidency, they would have the ability to fall down a president as well.”

Another Jihadi leader, Karim Khalili, while expressing concern over current crisis across the country, asked the government speedup efforts for solution.

Hinting toward some clusters struggling to fuel discord among Afghan nation and parties, he urged all to keep unity and mobilize as a united nation to rescue the country.

“Afghan nation division is not at the interest of Afghans, but for the enemies of the country,” he added.

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