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Political leaders seek revision of BSA

Political figures held a meeting on Wednesday to seek a solution to crises. Hamid Karzai, Sebghatullah Mojaddedi, Haneef Atmar, Yunus Qanooni, Mohammad Mohaqiq, Karim Khalili and other prominent politicians and national figures unanimously denunciated the Bilateral Security Agreement with U.S. as a futile platform and demanded it be revised. In this consultative meeting, they issued a declaration about the upcoming elections, and said the election has already been rigged. The BSA was considered a useful agreement before it was signed, but now day by day this pact is facing harsh criticism from people and politicians. The U.S. didn’t fulfill its end of the commitment and all unanimously demanded the revision of the BSA. They also raised concerns about the spike in violence and hostilities as the Afghan forces and civilians are bearing the brunt of a ghastly uncalled for war and the situation sliding out of the government’s control. The dignitaries also expressed deepest concerns over large-scale rigging being engineered by the government in the looming polls, and cast shadows on the stipulated plan to run timely vote slated for October. They suggested a blueprint prepared in four articles to find a solution to the ongoing crisis. The political leaders seek BSA’s revision as tensions are intensified over the failure of the crucial pact to ensure stability in Afghanistan as the Parliament too has urged a review of the BSA.

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