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Political parties are bereft of legitimacy; lawmakers

AT-KABUL: Some members of parliament, lawyers and politicians claim that the political parties lack legitimacy and cannot represent people, based on the constitution.

They said Monday that President Ghani should prevent some individuals who seek their personal benefits under the pretext of political parties and pressure the government.

Nader Khan Katawazi, a member of parliament, said supported the president’s recent remarks over political parties.

“The president is right over the political parties. You can find no national party and all of these parties are ethnic, religious and language based. Most of these parties have their own armed groups,” said Katawazi.

But, Shekiba Hashemi, another member of parliament thinks that Ghani was wrong regarding the political parties.

Some political parties on Saturday asked for the change of electoral system and end of voter registration process. They warned to boycott the October election if their demands were ignored.

“No politician can represent the people. Who has elected them? When did the people give them authority to represent them?” President Ghani had earlier said, emphasizing that political parties should not have armed wings.

There are tens of political parties in the country including the previous jihadi ones, who form coalitions sometimes and get together with their former foes to criticize the government.

Kabir Ranjbar, a political expert said that based on the constitution, there was no national party in Afghanistan. “Based on the constitution, no party is national and legitimate. They cannot represent the people and are fighting their own problems. The government and particularly the president have to prevent destructive matters these parties present.”

But some politician and members of the parties say that all of the parties are legitimate and have public supports, according to the constitution.

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