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Political parties urge govt to improve security situation

By Akhtar M. Nikzad-KABUL: The Political Parties Home, a cluster of political parties, and civil society organizations in a joint gathering asked the National Unity Government (NUG) to improve the deteriorating security situation and bring reforms.

Representatives of the political parities expressed their deep concerns over deteriorating security situation in the country and asked the government to take steps for restoration of security and stability.

The participants said that law and order situation was fragile due to negligence of the government and termed corruption, poor governance, existence of different mafia groups and rampant violations of law as major challenges that are disturbing the nation.

Chief of the Afghan Unity Party, Mohammad Omer Ayar, said that poor governance, lack of transparency in financial matters of the government and political differences between the leaders had widened the gulf of trust deficit between the government and public.

He said that the increased distance between the government and nation led to insecurity and political anarchy in the country. He urged the NUG to increase interaction with public while bringing reforms in the governance.

“A number of political and tribal mafias took control of the government and play with fate of the nation. Therefore, continuation of such situation led to instability of the government,” he said.

Sayed Amir Tahsin, a member of a civil society group, said that peace talks through Pakistan would never bring security and stability.

He underlined that Pakistan is supporter of terrorism and insurgency and Islamabad always played double role in the ongoing war against terror. He added that Pakistan has played double game with Afghanistan—promising peace on one hand and on the other hand supporting the Taliban to attack the Afghan security forces.

“Pakistan peace talk’s agenda for Afghanistan is dangerous. Afghans want Afghan-led peace negotiation with the Taliban,” he said.

Chief of the Wefaq Millie Party, Bismillah Sher, said that members of the Afghanistan’s High Peace Council (HPC) are not honest or impartial. He said the HPC members were involved in the previous conflicts and the council is not credible for the people, even the Taliban.

He also said that peace talks through the US and Pakistan governments is impossible and would harm the nation interests because the two countries were not sincere in the past 14 years to support the Afghan government and accelerate the peace process.

The political parties in a statement urged the government to equip the Afghan security forces with modern weapons and improve security; otherwise, they would launch mass demonstrations in protest.

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