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Political parties want Loya Jirga be called

AT Monitoring Desk-KABUL: Some political parties in a vast gathering called on the government to convene the traditional Loya Jirga. These parties expressed concerns over the current instable situation in the country, emphasizing that Loya Jirga would be the only option that brings stability and peace.

The government has recently showed opposition to call the Jirga, ordering officials not to participate in the meetings discussing about the people’s demand.

The government has also dismissed a number of senior officials who wanted the Loya Jirga be convened.

In the gathering called by the ‘Islamic Movement’, the political parties believe that the government’s policy was against the regional policies, saying the “current crisis” was the result of such wrong policy.

The participants urged the government to refer to a national consensus in which the armed opposition should also attend.

Meanwhile, the participants accuse some “certain individuals” inside the government of making plots against the political opposition, saying these individuals are trying to divide the nation through different programs.

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