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Political party asks for changes in constitution; holding Loya Jirga

AT-KABUL: The Afghanistan Council for Peace and Salvation, a political party in a package of suggestions, called for some changes in the constitution as well as holding the traditional grand assembly (Loya Jirga) to put an end to the current challenges.

“The requiring changes in the constitution of the country is a vital need, and as the holding of the Loya Jirga mentioned in the current constitution is not implementable, the traditional Loya Jirga should be held, because it is trustworthy for the people,” the council said in a part of its suggestion titled ‘national treaty for salvation of Afghanistan crisis’.

The council recognizes the Loya Jirga as the “grand national-social assembly in which the people’s representatives gather and decide about the important national matters after talks and discussions”.

The Loya Jirga, according to the council, has gained legal reputation in the course of the history.

It also said that Afghanistan is an independent Islamic country and is united and could not be disintegrated.

“The people of Afghanistan do not defend the oppressive and corrupt individuals. They stand against those individuals in unity even the individual is the son of one of them.”

It also says that the people of Afghanistan do not help any alien against their own country-fellows.

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