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Political party calls for Loya Jirga to solve crisis

AT-KABUL: A political party has called for the holding of the Loya Jirga (Grand Assembly), claiming the assembly would be the only way to solve what it calls the “current crisis”.

The New Foundation for Afghanistan party believes that people only want to save from misery, put an end to political differences and ensuring security of the country.

“The only way to solve the current problems is to hold the Loya Jirga,” Ahmadullah Alizai, head of the party addressed a gathering in Kabul.

He asked the religious scholars, influential figures, intellectuals and people to make efforts for the Loya Jirga.

“Afghanistan is in a very critical situation and people are becoming the victims of terrorism on daily basis,” Alizai said. “People cannot tolerate to lose their dear ones.”

He claimed that the Loya Jirga would bring peace to the country and would solve differences and problems.

Head of the political party called on President Ghani to listen to the people’s voice, feel their pains and let them make their own destinies.

Some internal and external circles are trying to harm the national unity in Afghanistan and want to divide Afghan ethnicities with illegal policies, according to Alizai, who said he not let the “enemies of Afghanistan” harm the national unity.

“All Afghans are brothers and live under the same ceiling,” he said, adding that fueling the ethnic, language and religious differences is the work of the enemies of Afghanistan.

Alizai called protest the right of every Afghan citizen, but said installing of tents in the city would create problems, asking for the lifting of the tents.

“The protestors can solve their problems through conversation with the government. The government should listen to them and work to meet their legal demands.”

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