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Political party urges ‘intra-Afghan peace talks’

KABUL: ‘Mehwar-e-Mardum’ political party has called for an immediate launch of direct peace talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban in bid to negotiate a way to save Afghanistan from its ongoing chaos.

The political party in a statement welcomed the week-long negotiations between Washington and the insurgents in Qatar to restore peace in Afghanistan.

“We have always supported peace process and respected the nation’s ambitions for peace.”

The political party welcomed the United States and the Taliban’s recent agreements in Qatar to bring peace to the country.

“But this political movement continues to emphasize the immediate and urgent start of peace talks between Afghans and the Taliban.”

“The peace process should be promoted as soon as possible to a genuine intra-Afghan process. Only the presence of representatives of our people in peace talks can guarantee the achievements, rights and freedoms of all the people of Afghanistan, and provide the basis for sustainable security in our country.” Mehwar-e-Mardum said.

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