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Politician calls for nationwide demos to ‘knock out’ govt.

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KABUL: Politician and former governor in the northern province of Balkh, Ata Mohammad Noor, has called on his supporters to stage nationwide demonstrations with the aim of what he called “knocking out” President Ghani’s government, which Noor calls “illegal” after its term finished on May 22.

Noor who is now chief executive of Jamiat party, addressed his supporters in a video message on Friday to be prepared for the large demonstrations after Eid (a feast following the holy month of Ramazan), which comes in June.

A controversial politician, Noor has usually opposed government.

He has asked security forces to not support government and not to face “the nation” and keep impartiality.

According to constitution, the president’s tenure ends on May 22nd of its fifth year.

Earlier, 12 presidential candidates had called Ghani’s government illegitimate after May 22, and suggested an interim government to replace him. They had warned that the continuation of Ghani’s job would lead the country to “destabilization and crisis”.

But the government says it has support from Supreme Court that allowed it to continue until a new president comes following the September elections.

Kabul had turned into a military city on Wednesday as people and security forces expected protests. Security forces had blocked roads to presidential palace and police were in standby position.

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