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Politicians still continue to mediate between Afghan leaders

Six months have passed since presidential election. It was fraught with fraud even with more intensity that mired the election years before. Aside from yielding an ambiguous outcome, it has brought about domestic and international misery.

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KABUL: Some political leaders who speak to President Ghani and his electoral rival Abdullah Abdullah to apparently mediate to resolve their problems, have said they have still time to continue mediation.

Hamid Karzai and Rasoul Sayyaf are the major figures who frequently meet Ghani and Abdullah, and people close to them say that they would see a deal within two day.

Meanwhile, Abdullah’s office seems to be disappointed with the mediations.

Abdullah who lost last year’s polls, claims victory and is running now a parallel government. The president agreed to appoint him as head of the peace body, but he downplayed the offer, demanding chief executive office, a post he headed in the past five years after he lost 2014 election and the US brokered a deal in which Ghani accepted to include Abdullah in the government.

Now, political figures want to mediate Ghani and Abdullah. They asked Ghani a five-day deadline to halt appointing new ministers. But the deadline was over without any results.

A spokesman of Abdullah said Saturday that they had the last chances for resolving problems.

Latif Mahmoud, a spokesman to President Ghani, said that the president wanted an inclusive government based on the law, not from outside.

Abdullah demands 40 per cent of cabinet, new post of prime minister, leadership of peace process and the cancelation of election results. But Ghani has so far refused his demands.

Wahid Omar, Ghani’s adviser, said that they needed more time to discuss the problems, adding that the deadline would likely prolong.

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