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Politicians to Boycott Presidents’ Oath-Taking Ceremony

Ex-spymaster Rahmatullah Nabil says no politicians will ever attend illegitimate inauguration of none of the leaders

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KABUL: Presidential candidate Rahmatullah Nabil will boycott the swearing-in ceremony of Abdullah Abdullah and Ashraf Ghani, whom he and many others have called “an illegitimate” President.

Amidst an aggravating post-election crisis, presidential candidate and ex-spymaster Nabil argued on Monday that no politician will attend their inauguration ceremony. “The Afghan nation will never forget the gravity of this political and historic farce,” he said.

On his Facebook, Nabil wrote that he is confident that inauguration ceremony of both Ghani and Abdullah will not be attended by Afghan politicians and foreign friends.

“If Afghan politicians don’t unite and don’t shed their egocentrism and obstinacy, we will all have lost. A swearing in ceremony doesn’t legitimize anybody neither would it bestow power upon anybody. This is as the Taliban have reached an agreement with the United States with the power of Pakistan,” he said.

He also alluded to an impending peace deal between the US and the Taliban. “Two questions arise; who will represent Afghanistan from a superior and legitimate position in intra-Afghan talks? And is the Republic system prevalent or Emirates?

He also hinted at Haqqani terrorist network, saying, “New York Times introduced Serajuddin Haqqani as a war and peace hero and defender of Islamic Emirates of Afghanistan. This drastically undermines the claims for a Republic government.”

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