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Politicians worried as govt sidelined in regional peace efforts

KABUL: Some politicians are concerned over what they claim “marginalization of government” in the bigger policies, with Ahmad Wali Massoud, head of a government’s opposition party saying that the government was not authorized to work on peace or war.

He said Friday that the government of Afghanistan was kept away from big policies and Afghans were not involved in the peace process.

The politician also said that the country’s achievements in the past 17 years were victimized by Taliban’s wills.

Meanwhile, second vice president, Sarwar Danesh, rejected the forming of an interim administration demanded by the opposition parties to replace the current government, calling that in contradiction to the constitution.

Danesh said that the idea of the interim administration meant backwardness that would create big crises.

He added that peace efforts would not touch the next year’s presidential election, urging that the vote would take place timely.

Danesh who was speaking on the death anniversary of a former member of parliament, Qorban Ali Erfani, accused “some circles” of having the idea of the interim administration. “The interim administration will be never in the benefit of the people of Afghanistan,” said Danesh, saying that some figures were trying to intervene in the peace process.

Political experts believe that the presidential election would likely be postponed under the shadow of the peace efforts.

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