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Poll shows 71pc Afghans favor ‘Republican System’

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KABUL: There is big disarray over the type of government in Afghanistan once the Afghan government peace forces and the Taliban negotiation members sit in one table during intra-Afghan talks. Taliban regime was (Islamic Emirate) that a majority of the Afghans see it as staking point in the talks. There are several unsolved questions about the set-up of the government in Afghanistan after the peace deal.

WAAMA, a non-government organization based in Afghanistan has conducted a survey on the country’s situation after the peace deal – the fate of the Taliban fighters – the security agreement with the US – Freedom of Speech – and the country’s economy system.   

The survey results showed that the majority of the people are expecting Afghanistan should remain a republic. Most of the respondents voted for the incumbent administration to remain in power. Many want the freedom of speech to be respected within the bounds of Islamic and national values. Many voted against the free-market economy. Similarly the respondents voted for the preservation of women’s rights and human rights, the revision of the strategic agreements Afghanistan has signed with other countries. They also chose for the Taliban forces to be merged into the Afghan army.

71.6 percent suggested the extension of the existing regime. 19 percent advocated for reinstating Islamic Emirate. 2.5 percent favored Kingdom and 2.9 percent suggested a different regime, the survey findings say.

The phase ensuing the peace agreement between the US and Taliban, yet prior to the resolution of an Intra-Afghan peace accord and establishment of a new government is considered to be the most sensitive. It is considered to be a sensitive period following the peace agreement between the US and Taliban until a peace accord is realized through Intra-Afghan talks and a new government is installed, the survey added.

This period is of particular significance mainly due to the occasions that will determine a permanent and complete peace and lead to the election for a new government. Taliban are said to believe an exclusive new administration should be erected following the successful execution of the peace agreement and subsequently the successful completion of the Intra-Afghan talks. “We asked Afghans what sort of an organization should oversee the peace agreement. 63.6 percent respondents the incumbent administration should remain. 17.9 percent said a temporary government should be established. 13.7 percent suggested an Islamic Emirate. 4.8 percent recommended a different type or arrangement.

In regards to the media freedom, the WRRO asked respondents about the prospects of media and the freedom of speech after the realization of peace and reconciliation with Taliban. 66.9 percent of respondents desired the preservation of freedom of speech conditioned to respecting the Islamic and national values. 26.7 percent wanted unchecked freedom of speech. 5.2 percent requested common application of censorship.

In regards to the free-market economy, analysts believe that stable countries are driven by market economy although they make appropriate provisions prior to adopting the said regime. Determining the economic regime after the realization of peace requires exceptional attention. 44.8 percent of respondents recommended command economy. 29.6 percent opted for free-market economy. 13.5 percent suggested a mixed regime. 9.9 percent chose traditional economic regime.

The survey also asked the people about their opinion concerning the prospects of human and women’s rights, in which 73.3 percent have opted for the preservation of human and women’s rights in accordance with Islamic preaching, 13.9 percent have approved the current regulations, 6.5 percent have suggested the adoption of measures in accordance with the culture and traditions and 6.8 percent chose alignment with the international norms.

Following the collapse of the Taliban regime, Afghanistan managed to enter into strategic agreements with multiple countries including the USA. Among these agreements those signed with the USA are of particular importance. The political, economic, security and social landscapes have transformed in Afghanistan upon the signing of these agreements. These agreements have also sparked sensitivities in the region which may have impact over the situation in Afghanistan. The survey wanted to check the public’s opinion regarding the matter, in which 65 percent of respondents the agreements with the US and other countries must be revised, 17.7 percent have suggested the preservation of said agreements, and 14.9 percent have recommended the termination of said agreements.

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