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Pompeo asked to persuade Taliban for intra-Afghan talks

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KABUL: The High Peace Council calls on the US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeop who has said to join the US-Taliban negotiations to encourage the insurgent group for intra-Afghan talks.

The US special envoy Zalmay Khalilzad is engaged in negotiations with the Taliban representatives in Qatar since last Tuesday and secretary Pompeo has said he would join the talks.

“It will be in our benefit that the US secretary of state realizes the main issue and make a proper decision. Their representative has repeatedly said that they are not alternative for Afghan people and government, and Pompeo will also say this,” Mohammad Amin Waqad, a member of the High Peace Council said on Wednesday.

He called Pompeo’s visit to Doha as a good chance for Taliban, demanding the group to give a positive response to the Afghan government’s request over a direct negotiation.

Pompeo has said that negotiations between Khalilzad and Taliban officials had complicated, but had progresses. He called the aim of his country’s efforts to find a peace agreement and end to the longtime war and bloodshed. He has emphasized that it should be guaranteed that Afghanistan would not turn to a place of threat against the US and its allies.

The Afghan problem has complicated, according to Pompeo, who expressed concerns over including Russia, China, Pakistan, India and Iran, it would be more complicated because the regional states have their own interests each.

Umer Daudzai, a senior official of the peace council said on Tuesday that he was concerned of the ongoing negotiations between the US and Taliban, without elaborating.

But political analysts are optimistic to the fifth round of the talks and the joining of US secretary of state.

“The visit of the US secretary of state or any other senior official of that country to join the peace talks means that peace is imminent. They finalize decisions earlier made and their visit to Qatar is a strong signal,” said Dawood Mayar, a political expert.

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